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10 5-a-side soccer pitches, clubhouse and carparking
Client: Soccer5s
Status: Built

Plus Architecture was engaged to develop a flagship design for the Soccer 5s concept in Australia, incorporating 10 5-a-side soccer pitches with an associated clubhouse and carparking. The clubhouse is intended to act as a ‘lantern’ for the surrounding area and references the tough industrial context it sits within in the design language it adopts.

The site for the proposed home for the Soccer 5s in Dandenong is one dominated by a giant order of constructed elements. To the west runs East Link, heavy with trucks and its adjacent huge sculptures. To the north is the Logis Eco Industrial Park with its large scale buildings, roadways and associated large service vehicles.

While the program for the clubhouse is relatively small in this context, the concept seeks to bridge this scale divide. From a distance the envelope of the building is contiguous, a supersized morphological ‘box’ that appears at home in its surroundings.

Up close the envelope breaks down to human scale. The result being that the building acts at a series of scales and truly belongs as a built form in a unique landscape and a strong icon for the Soccer 5s club of Dandenong.