One St Kilda Junction

Architecture / Commercial / On-Going / Residential

286 Apartments
Office and Ground Floor retail
2016 – Ongoing

One St Kilda Junction will set a new benchmark for quality, livability, and activity. Positioned right on the “Junction” the site has a responsibility to achieve significant site status. It must also elevate the built form conditions in the immediate context by setting a new precedent for any future development aspirations.

The proposal achieves these goals due mostly to extensive past, present, and future context analysis. This investigation revealed a landscape which has experienced dramatic change and we recognised that in order to sew the site with its context any massing must consider historical scale balanced with the current urban environment and what the future image of the St Kilda Junction should be. The result is a spiralling massing that begins at a historical scale of old St Kilda Road, then extrudes vertically to respond to the existing context heights of Wellington Street, with the spiral completing its turn at a height suitable for a symbolic building.