New North Road

Architecture / On-Going / Residential

Location: Auckland

Type: Multi-Residential


The site for 580 New North Road and surrounding context offer a number of local attributes that have helped inform the design approach. The site stand as an interface between terraced housing and apartment buildings and local centre zones. The design uses materiality and form to respond to the more residential scale to the East. Brick has been used as strong design driver due to existing use in the context while also reflecting the use of the building with the residential nature of brick. The use of brick breaks the facade into a scale that reads as a tangible interface at touch but forms an distinctive facade that can be read as a unified form further away. The use of a number of brick shades enhances the form break up, creates variety and identity. The building massing is broken into a variety of forms responding to the contextual differences to the East and West.

The East facade has a finer grain with more breaks creating a smaller residential scale reflected in the neighbouring properties and zone. While the West facade creates the transition to large scale development in the local centre through larger, stronger forms. Taking elements from typical residential roofs the top of the building references skillion and gables roofs through simplified forms of a number of alternating roof angles. As an abstraction of the traditional roofing material the roof is not clad as a separate element, but the whole top form of the building is covered in a metal cladding, creating both a lighter top to the building while reducing the appearance of bulk on New North Road.