Moray Street

Architecture / Commercial / On-Going

Client: Perri Projects
Project Value: $25m
Boutique Hotel

South Melbourne is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs, complete with tree-lined avenues and numerous heritage buildings. The suburb’s proximity to Melbourne’s central city and to main roads in and out of the city has made it popular with developers and, subsequently, the type and scale of buildings in the area varies significantly. Newer commercial and residential developments sit alongside older developments with historic churches, hotels and other heritage buildings spread throughout.

Tasked with introducing a new element – a boutique hotel – into this diverse environment, Plus Architecture decided not to bring anything overt or ostentatious into the mix. Instead, Plus opted for a clean, simple approach – creating a recognisable but unobtrusive building on a scale that relates well with its neighbours.

The Plus design uses building massing that registers as a single gesture. The highest point of the building is at the corner of Dorcas and Moray streets, where the scale is similar to other South Melbourne corner sites. The building’s height steps down to either side, connecting with the height of its neighbours.

The facade design is an extension of the idea of a unified whole – the facade’s structure is integrated with the hotel’s internal planning, its lines and forms are directly related to their corresponding internal suites.

The fine detail on the facade’s glazing further strengthens the concept of a unified, clean structure. The glazing graduates from white and solid to clear and luminous, offering privacy to guests inside and a visual softness outside at street level.

Hotel amenities including a restaurant, gym and swimming pool with outdoor terrace have been included, and the design also provides a range of suite sizes.