Architecture / Built / Residential

City: Clayton
No. Apartment: 164 +17 Townhouses
Client: Lechte Corporation / Active Living Communities
Status: Built

The subject site is located at 1a Gardiner Road, Clayton. Located between two major arteries connecting Melbourne, it is bound by the Monash Freeway to the North and Dandenong Road to the South.

Sited less than a kilometre from Monash University’s Clayton campus and situated within a mixed use block, it is flanked by new housing developments to the south and an embankment that serves to provide a visual separation to the Notting Hill water reservoir to the north. The site also shares a boundary with Carlson Reserve, a recreational ground equipped with soccer/football ground and a cricket pitch.

This low-rise apartment development reflects many of the larger 1930s style homes in the neighbourhood. The streamlined modernist form ensures that neighbouring homes are not overshadowed. As there is a significant slope on the site, Plus Architecture were also able to further reduce the scale as well as modulating the facades to create greater street presence.