Bella Vista Farm Park

Architecture / On-Going / Recreation

Client: Mulpha Norwest
Type: Community Park
20 hectares

Plus Architecture and Site Image Landscape Architects have been engaged by Mulpha Norwest to develop a vision for the heritage park in relation to the larger framework proposed by Mulpha for Norwest Business Park. Multiple mixed use developments currently proposed by Mulpha will further strengthen the image of an innovative business hub promoting a balance between life and work supported by layers of technical innovation, connectivity and social dynamic. The park plays a vital role in providing the amenity required for the future Norwest Business Park. The proposal builds on the existing character of the park and heritage farm buildings to provide a range of uses as a sequence of activation along a cultural ribbon which will lead the community through the park. The program ranges from café’s, playgrounds and wine gardens to performance spaces, amphitheatres and sports facilities. The proposed pavilions carefully consider the visual impact and its relation to the existing heritage cottages.