Apartments of Tullamore

Architecture / Marketing / Residential

Apartments of Tullamore
138 Apartments
Client: Mirvac
Status: Marketing

463-535 Doncaster road is a unique site with distinct opportunities. Situated as the front face of what was once the Eastern Golf Course, the site is blessed with vast green views to the north. An undulating landscape and tall trees mark the character of this area.


The proposed development is a multi-residential offering of 138 large and luxurious apartments. It is the first apartment developments planned for the Eastern Golf Course, now known as Tullamore, and represents the face and entry development. The building has been arranged to make best use of its natural surroundings, allowing for incredible outlooks in multiple directions, and gives access to abundant and beautifully considered communal gardens.


High quality façades are presented to Doncaster Rd, a major arterial thoroughfare and to the homestead, a heritage building which, alongside this development forms the gateway into Tullamore.


To complement the rich opportunities of the site, this building has been designed to make best use of materiality, openness, and a sense of timelessness. Elegant lines of contrasting materials add sophistication to the façade, while large generous balconies add depth and light.


The plan is optimised to maximise views to the landscape, and the city while minimizing travel distance to create a boutique style development. This proposal is a culmination of architecture and its natural context. It makes best use of and enhances the features of the site, whilst respecting its urban and heritage context.