1. Nicholas Antoniou.jpg

Nicholas antoniou

Nicholas leads the Plus Seniors Living sector portfolio across all studios, overseeing the development of innovative aged care and retirement living projects. A committed mentor in and out of Plus, Nicholas is a member of the Urban Land Institute Young Leaders Group.

2. Piers Bowman.jpg

piers bowman

With experience in residential, commercial and hospitality garnered from work across the UK, Australia and New Zealand, Piers helped establish the Plus New Zealand studios. Piers worked as project architect on the St Martins Community Centre in Christchurch; recipient of a 2017 NZIA public architecture Award.

3. Katherine Christian.jpg

Katherine Christian

Katherine’s attention to detail and collaborative design process enables her to jump into a project at any stage and produce a high-level quality of work. With a focus on teamwork and rapport, Katherine is driven to create a positive culture with clients, consultants and colleagues.

Georgina Dougenis

Georgina Dougenis

Georgina brings over fifteen years' experience in multi-residential and high-rise projects. She has worked across the retail and medical sectors across New South Wales. Since joining Plus in 2018, Georgina has been responsible for the design and delivery of a boutique hotel in the newly developed Edmondson Park precinct.

Gabriel Duque

Gabriel Duque

Gabriel is experienced in design and delivery of multi-residential, seniors living and healthcare projects with a keen interest in sustainable architecture. He was the team leader for the studio selected to design and deliver Uniting's first foray into high rise seniors living projects in NSW.

6. Hugh Harris.jpg

Hugh Harris

An experienced architectural and interior design leader, Hugh brings a wealth of experience in commercial, retail, transport and infrastructure projects. He works with the Plus Brisbane and Gold Coast leadership teams to ensure efficient delivery and client satisfaction across all projects.

7. Gareth Hartnell.jpg

Gareth Hartnell

Gareth brings over a decade of experience to bear on sectors including residential, commercial and hospitality. As a leader in the Plus Brisbane studio, Gareth provides significant architectural expertise on the commercial, practical and design aspects of all his projects.

8. Areej Hashmi-Weyman.jpg

Areej Hashmi-Weyman

Areej is a very experienced Associate having worked in research, urban design and architecture for over 20 years. She is an excellent manager, co-leading the Plus Melbourne Schematic Design team and running the design delivery arm to ensure all projects achieve deadlines and exceed design intent.

9. Lisa Henderson.jpg

Lisa Henderson

A driven and creative interior designer with an innate passion for the design process, Lisa has international experience across hospitality, mixed-use and commercial sectors. Her design philosophy centres on guest experience, delivering engaging and innovative designs to the delight of her clients.

10. Matt Kan.jpg

Matt Kan

Matt brings over 20 years of architectural expertise spanning across multiple sectors. Accompanied with his strong commercial acumen, he delivers with emphasis on team collaboration. His approach is underpinned by his two key mantras; create opportunities that invest in clients and build trusted relationships.

11. Julie McKenzie.jpg

Julie Mackenzie

A member of the Plus team since 2001, Julie is Head of Staff Training, Development and Quality Assurance. With more than 30 years of experience across a range of sectors, Julie guides ongoing staff development and education across all the Plus studios.

12. Candice Ng.jpg


Candice’s excellent track record as a project architect is derived from her exceptional attention to detail, strong project management approach and proven organisational skills. She helps lead the Plus delivery team, providing industry-leading documentation and design services.

14. Dan Wallis.jpg

Dan Wallis

Daniel’s passion lies in innovative construction technologies and he strives to deliver built outcomes which maintain a strong architectural design integrity. As a documentation expert, Daniel oversees documentation standards across all the Plus studios.

15. Christopher Wicht.jpg

Christopher Wicht

Christopher brings expertise in a range of sectors including architecture, interior design, hospitality and retail. His strong commitment to achieving a balance between considered design and built outcomes has cemented his position as a project leader.

16. Rebecca Wright.jpg

Rebecca Wright

Skilled in all aspects of project delivery and a true BIM advocate, Rebecca brings over 20 years of experience to her position at Plus. Her keen focus on management systems and close attention to detail ensures her projects are delivered accurately and to the highest quality standards.

17. Mei Yang.jpg

Mei Yang

Mei is an experienced architect whose attention to detail and commitment to realising efficient, design led built outcomes has seen her provide excellent project leadership to many landmark Plus projects. She provides design and technical expertise across multiple sectors including seniors living and residential.