Our Product

Plus are committed to excellence in the delivery of our professional services. Our architectural design is executed with careful attention to detail and considered selection of materials, in order to create spaces which meet our clients’ needs and aspirations. Our Quality Management System has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 to ensure this quality is written into the DNA of our projects.

Our Service

Service is our bread and butter. Plus has 20 years of strong relationships and project history to back that up. From our directors down Plus has a complete focus on our client’s needs and the job at hand. Through every aspect of the project, from time-keeping and financial management to our eyes on the final built form, Plus works in unison to provide excellent service and results.

Our Organisation

Plus Architecture operates a world class workplace. Individuality is encouraged as is personal development. The Directors are available and approachable, and as practicing Architects, they play a key role within every project. The Associates and more junior staff members are challenged in their work and motivated to reach their full potential.

Plus ensures that all personnel are aware of the commitment to quality at all levels of the business and also appreciates the importance of continuing research, professional development and constant improvement to the Quality Management System. Plus Architecture have committed the entire organisation to continually strive to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

OHS Management System has been accessed by:

Registered Exemplar Global RABQSA Lead Auditors as complying with the requirements of the following 
Internal Standard for OHS Management Systems

AS 4801:2001

For the following Scope:
Architectural building design services, contract administration and project management services