Scape Tribune Street

Architecture / Residential / Student Accomodation / Under construction

Scape Tribune Street

479 Student beds
Client: Scape
Status: Construction

Scape Tribune Street referenced the dual identities of Brisbane’s inner South – the historic domestic context, and the rapidly urbanized commercial and civic context.

In reference to the pre-existing workers cottages on site, the design is focused on the experiential qualities these archetypical dwellings provide. The dappled shade of a lattice enclosed verandah, the greenery of the backyard and the cool and shaded undercroft space that once hosted events from children’s play to student parties.

Applied to the larger civic scale, these experientially driven elements take on larger role as visual markers. The latticework verandah reads as a lantern from afar, making the site and the public realm beneath. As any Queenslander undercroft the laneway retail and bar are designed for fun. They are both private and public, inviting the neighbours over and encouraging the public into the precinct.