The Eminence

Architecture / Built / Carlton / Residential

The Eminence, Carlton
193 Apartments
Clients: Lechte Corporation, Abacus Property Group, Crema Constructions
Interiors: Mim Design
Status: Complete
Located at 139 Queensberry Street, Carlton, The Eminence is nestled geographically and architecturally between the large scale of Melbourne’s CBD and the fine grain streetscapes of suburban Carlton. The Eminence delicately and reverently mimics its two bookends, drawing design inspiration from both.
At street level, The Eminence communicates effortlessly and playfully with the typical two to three storey Carlton streetscape, while the residential tower structures are overlaid with the form and overall scale of the city.
Complete with a grand entry lobby with lounge and fireplace, this development comprises 193 apartments and two retail spaces over 14 storeys, designed as three towers along a corridor axis. Plus Architecture’s design delivers naturally lit and well-ventilated corridors, a rooftop dining room and a communal 14th floor terrace with intimate views over Carlton and the CBD skyline.
At the ground floor, the concept of a house has been devolved into its most basic recognisable form and utilised around the base of the building at pertinent locations to define important accesses, create interest and activate the human scale interface of the building with sculptural and playful objects.
Separating the built form into three ‘towers’ along the corridor axis has meant that the ends of the corridors can attain precious external frontage allowing views and natural light into what are usually enclosed spaces. To further capitalise on this the corridors will be naturally ventilated at these ends by mechanically operated louvers.

A communal roof terrace will be located on the top of the 14th floor to give residents a space to spread out with friends and enjoy the views of Carlton and the back to the City. The space will be two fold as the ‘halo’, which only exists over the middle of the three tower forms, creates a more sheltered environment than the roof terrace space that is on the rear, or city side, of the three tower forms.