Hamton Office

Built / Commercial / South Yarra

Client: Hamton
Cost: $1.5m
Completed: 2011

The Hamton office sits atop the Society building in South Yarra with panoramic views of Melbourne.

The Level 10 building envelope was extended, providing additional internal floor space for the new office and a spectacular outdoor entertaining area.  Large windows and an open approach to the internal planning provide uninterrupted views and an abundance of natural light.

The interior design strongly reflects the clients brand and place in the market as progressive developers with a keen interest in environmental issues.  Timber floors, ply ceilings and the ‘cargo box’ meeting room are strong features that reinforce a natural and modern feel.

The dramatic use of black and white, often reflective wall finishes, balance the timber features and gives a sense of interaction between the interior spaces.  Landscape super graphics in the meeting, corridor and toilet cubicles also add a real depth and playfulness to these smaller rooms.

The relaxed feel of the design, open work areas and shared spaces provide a great workplace for meeting, working and enjoying.