DealCorp Office Fitout

Built / Commercial / Workplace Interiors

Dealcorp Office Fitout
Client: Dealcorp
Stage: Built

The client brief was to design an office space which complemented, enhanced and highlighted the high-end residential and commercial work of DealCorp. A well-established developer with a large body of premium residential projects, the client wanted their office space to imbue a sense of sophistication and luxury, especially to their own clients. It also needed to be a celebration of the history of the company, including models and references to their past work.

At the same time, the client required an efficient, modern workplace which embraced best-practice workplace design principles including biophilic design, efficient, large volume storage, and a range of spaces to fulfil a variety of workstyles, including meeting, focus and conference spaces.

Our interpretation of this brief was to design a space which draws its inspiration from the work of the client – acting, in a way, as a subtle reiteration of the same standards the client applies to their own projects. The design of the boardroom became a focal point for the whole office, with feature stone of the benches and boardroom table dictating a soft grey-blue colour palette.

‘Attention to detail’ is a key element of the client’s identity – and our design sought to examine this throughout the office, with oft-overlooked elements such as ensuring the grain on the face of the drawers matched, and installing a large, custom rug in the hotel-lobby like reception area. The design also specified a goat hair carpet – the sort of detail which most would miss and yet adds to the ambiance and atmosphere of the design. A close working relationship with the client throughout the design and construction ensured an end result which fulfilled the clients wishes for the space, delivering a workspace of subtle sophistication and luxury, while providing efficient, healthy work stations and practical space utilisation.

What these images do not show is the depth of the long-term relationship with the client that has led to the collaboration and creative inspiration of this design. This office is situated in a building designed by Plus Architecture, for this same client, marking an early successful collaboration which has continued in a range of architectural and interior design projects since then. Trusting us with their own office space is no small thing – however this isn’t the first collaboration of this nature, as Plus designed this client’s previous workspace as well. The design language highlights the evolution not just of the client and the client’s business, but of the ongoing relationship between Plus Architecture and the client.

This project represents a modern, efficient workspace which successfully fulfils a range of requirements. From the practical – such as excellent and space efficient built in storage – to the healthy – with greenery providing a two stage benefit of biophilic principles and acting as a way to provide privacy to individual workstation to allow for uninterrupted work. The client also requested an aforementioned sense of luxury, sophistication and attention to detail that is often not seen in office and workplace fitouts, which primarily preference cost and short construction turnaround as their leading requirements. For this office a careful, considered balance of hotel-like luxury, premium residential feel and smart, clean workplace feel is established, allowing the entire space to fit together thematically while still providing for a variety of functions, visitors and uses. With a sense of timeless elegance imbued throughout the workplace, this project will stand the test of time, providing the client a true expression of their culture and ethos, a great place to work, and an impressive experience for visitors.