Andersons Creek Road

Architecture / On-Going / Residential

34 Townhouses
Client: Landmark Investments Holdings Australia
Stage: On-going

Situated in leafy Doncaster East, Andersons Creek Rd boasts easy access to natural, green landscapes, and is within walking distance of The Pines shopping centre and multiple bus routes.

The 34 two and three bedroom townhouses step down in pairs, following the natural fall of the site and giving a sense of individuality to each. Tall, vertical wooden battens provide privacy to residents while still ensuring a generous flow of natural light, as well as adapting to the site’s context, providing a glimpse of the continuing tree line along Reynolds Rd.

Wide green walkways in between the two townhouse blocks are designed to create a calming atmosphere for the pedestrians entering from the street, which combined with private yards creates generous separation to provide a comfortable indoor and outdoor living space for residents.

Setting back building lines and giving articulation to each townhouse enhances the sense of individuality. Not only does it help break down the massing on the Reynolds Rd side, it provides ample opportunity to place trees and plants along Reynolds Rd.

Careful consideration of internal amenities along with extensive landscaping allows for a harmonious and peaceful townhouse community in Melbourne’s inner North East.