Plus Architecture supports equal marriage rights in Australia

As a firm, Plus Architecture stand with our LGBTI colleagues, family and friends in unequivocal support of changing the law to allow same-sex couples equal rights to marriage.

The wonderful Plus Architecture team across Australia and New Zealand is made up of people of all races and sexualities.


At Plus Architecture equality and diversity are a core part of our business ethos, and while we recognise the varied opinions around this issue, we strongly support the rights of LGBTI Australians to live free of prejudice, with the freedoms enjoyed by the rest of the country.


While a change to the Marriage Act to allow LGBTI Australians the same rights as non-LGBTI Australians can and should be enacted by our federal government – without the need for a plebiscite – Plus Architecture strongly supports a ‘yes’ vote in the ongoing postal survey the Australian government has decided to undertake.


More than 20 countries across the world have passed laws allowing equal marriage rights, including the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland, Germany and the UK.


Plus Architecture is committed to offering support to our staff throughout this process.


We support changing the Marriage Act to allow all Australians equal rights under Australian law.


This change would protect children’s access to the parents who raise them, protect the rights of widowed partners and ensure people can see their sick and injured partners in hospital.


Love is love. Plus Architecture supports marriage equality.


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