Collaboration: The way forward for retirement living

Plus Architecture has partnered with international seniors living consultancy One Fell Swoop to help re-shape the aged care industry.

Recognising the growing demand amongst older generations for a more fulfilling lifestyle, Plus Architecture is actively shaping the future of the senior’s living sector with its collaborative attitude and innovative solutions. Through design led initiatives and cross-sector expertise, Plus is redefining and revolutionising an industry whose traditional conventions have drifted apart from the needs of Australia’s aging population.


Plus Architecture are part of a growing global network of experts helping to bring about the conscious advancement of the aged care industry.


Plus Architecture’s partnership with international senior living consultancy, One Fell Swoop is paving the way for a more bespoke approach to seniors living, with each recommendation and design informed by in-depth industry knowledge and targeted research.


“We collaborate on the design of every element of your residents’ lifestyle – from the creation of their private residence and the hospitality services on offer to the continuum of care necessary to allow for genuine ‘ageing in place’. We approach built-form, service and care model design from the consumer viewpoint, drawing on demographic intelligence and hot spot analyses supplied by our advisory team. This exacting attention to detail up front enhances sales performance and future-proofs your development in order to deliver long-term success.”


With the support of this dedicated advisory, marketing and sales agency, Plus is helping to redefine what it means to age in contemporary Australia. Strongly influenced by decades of experience in premium multi-residential design, Plus’ progressive approach centres on wellness, connectivity, independence and quality of life.


With new thinking around vertical villages, serviced apartments, in-home care, aged care and the idea of ‘aging in the familiar’, Plus provides solutions that future proof not just the needs of future generations of seniors, but also safeguard client investments.


Plus Architecture in conjunction with One Fell Swoop are bring this agenda to the fore with an interactive speaker series hosted by Plus’ Associate and Head of Seniors Living Stuart Telha, One Fell Swoop Partners Christopher Rooke and Bruce Message, and Russell Kennedy Principal, Donna Rayner.


Framed by insights garnered whilst abroad on One Fell Swoop’s 2016 International Study Tour, the series aims to provoke discourse and action. From London to Amsterdam (via Oxford, Coventry, The Cotswalds and Bath), Plus and One Fell Swoop are providing insights across the spectrum of seniors’ accommodation, services and care that few others can.


Coupled with One Fell Swoop’s extensive experience in conceptualising, creating and marketing seniors living projects, Plus is able to develop and deliver strategic advice, visioning workshops for clients and agile built-form designs, interiors and services.


“Senior Australians are not one homogeneous group and their needs and wants are also evolving rapidly as life expectancies and wellbeing improve.”