Fishermans Bend Presentations

Based on our experience working in this precinct, Jaimin Atkins from Plus Architecture and Paul Little from Property & Planning Partners shared knowledge and insight surrounding this exciting new precinct.  The presentations outlined the many opportunities and important constraints while distilling the information that has been released through the media into the salient point. The sessions were a huge success with high attendance and great feedback from all comers.

We would like to thank all our guests and Paul Little from Property & Planning Partners for making these seminars such a great success.


Rhea Jeffery will be heading our Brisbane office. Our initial focus will be on Government work, drawing on Rhea’s extensive experience in Government office fitouts; including the Department of Communities’ Service Centre rollout program and the Cairns Government Office Building. Rhea brings with her a cohesive high level of service, and a love for diversity. Welcome Rhea!